Selected Reference Projects

Advice to the Afghan Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation on the establishment of a Civil Aviation Academy and a Civil Aviation Authority. Training Programme for Air Traffic Controllers

Advice to the aviation administrations of Bulgaria, Serbia, Jordan and some Gulf states on the creation of a set of rules compatible to ICAO standards

Advice to the Russian Transport Ministry on the creation of a legal framework for all modes of ground transport and aviation

Advice to airlines:

Lufthansa, Air Berlin, Condor, ABC, Aerologic, German Sky, Etihad, Air Namibia, Aeroflot, Rossija

Advice to Governments:

Afghanistan, Bahrein, Germany, Qatar, Turkey, Georgia, Croatia, Russia, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Moldavia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Rumania, Serbia, India, Namibia, USA

Advice to airports:

Leipzig, Köln, Fraport, Schiphol, Lelystad, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Brussels, Charleroi, Liege, Antwerp

Advice to air traffic control organizations:

Privatization projects of national ATC organizations, restructuring of the oversight of ATC organizations, cooperation between civil and military organizations

Expertise and indemnity negotiations after air accidents:

Lockerbie, Birgenair/Dominican Republic, Concorde/Paris, Überlingen/Lake Constance, THY/Diyarbakir, AF447/South Atlantic, MH17/Ukraine, Germanwings, Kalitta Air/Brussels

Consulting on the type certification of aeronautical products and the official recognition of design organisations as well as on the establishment of CAMO or its adaptation to legal requirements