Fields of activity



to governments and aviation administrations on the implementation of international conventions

to governments and aviation administrations on establishing independent supervisory bodies

on establishing and restructuring aviation related companies

on assistance to airlines in obtaining traffic rights and operation licenses

to airports on organizational questions, slot allocation issues, outsourcing and mitigation of environmental effects

on privatization of former state functions and institutions

on airport planning and rehabilitation

on all issues of competition and liability law

Gained through participation experiences and professional capacities

Detailed experience with the creation and start-up of National Aviation Authorities

Certification of newly created aviation products

Hands-on experience with the merger of the East- and West-German aviation administrations after the reunification of Germany

Experience in European cooperation between governments and national authorities creating new rules for European Aviation

Executive Management experience in several and international aviation authorities and organizations (Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, EU and ICAO)

Experience with the start-up of national and international research facilities

Experience with the European Air traffic control organization EUROCONTROL as Vice President of EUROCONTROL and Member of the Provisional Council of EUROCONTROL and as founder of the Functional Airspace Block Europe Central

Development of financial tools and negotiations with national and international finance institutions as well as governmental bodies